What are Zudio Stores Exchange And Return days Policy for clothes?

Welcome to today’s special post “What are Zudio Stores Exchange And Return days Policy for clothes”, This post will provide you the complete information on the Zudio Store exchange and return policy of clothes in 2022. This is the latest updated policy of Zudio refund policy. After reading this post you will be able to get the answer to all of your queries.

  1. Can you return or exchange items at nearby Zudio stores which you have purchased and for some reason you might want to return or exchange?
  2. Does the Zudio store allow returns?
  3. What’s the return policy for Zudio store’s clothes?
  4. How to return the product at near by Zudio stores?
  5. How many days of return and refund policy does Zudio have?

Zudio Stores Exchange And Return days Policy for clothes

Q1. Can you return or exchange items at nearby Zudio stores which you have purchased and for some reason you might want to return or exchange?

Answer: Yes! You can exchange or return the clothes purchased from Zudio stores. But there are some terms and conditions which we are going to share, so please read the entire post.

Return, Refund, and Exchange Policy for Zudio Store’s clothes

Please note how many days of return policy Zudio has, this is the first and foremost point that you need to keep in your mind before planning to return or exchange from the Zudio store.

If you have purchased from Tata Cliq online or from any nearby Zudio store, you can return and exchange the product offline as well.

Zudio Stores Exchange and Return Terms and Conditions

The exchange and return policies of Zudio stores are customer friendly, but at the same time, they follow the policies carefully and thus read the terms and conditions carefully for Zudio Stores’ exchange and returns.

  1. A quality check of the items will be done by store staff before they accept returns so please ensure the following points.
  2. You can exchange or return within the first 30 days of purchase of items.
  3. You should have original bills as a proof of purchase.
  4. The item should be in packed condition.
  5. The clothes or items which you want to return or exchange should have original tags.
  6. There are some items that can not be exchanged or returned the list of such items are mentioned below.

List of Items That you can not exchange or return in Zudio stores as per Zudio Return Policy and Zudio Stores Exchange policy. The Zudio Return days Policy for clothes is not applicable for the below items.

  1. Innerwear
  2. Lingerie
  3. Socks
  4. Clothing freebies
  5. Swimsuits
  6. Perfumes
  7. Personal and beauty care products.
  8. Used products.
  9. Personalized items.

Please note if you have got any items free with the one you are returning, you need to return that free item as well.

How to return the product at near by Zudio stores?

The simple step is walk in to the nearest Zudio showroom with the items you want to return, refund or exchange as per policy and contact the customer service desk in store. After inspection and validating the purchase, customer care executive of the store will do the return or exchange process as per the policy.

Can I get a refund for the items I am returning at Zudio Store?

Yes! you can ask for a refund, you will get a refund through credit note only. Please read the terms and conditions of the credit note before accepting the same.

For any queries regarding the exchange, refund, and return policy of Zudio clothes please feel free to write to us.

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  1. I have returned some clothing at zudio store and have got credit rupees…mentioned on the bill but somehow I lost that bill…now how can I get that old bill from zudio store.
    Plz help

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    But I need to exchange it
    It’s all many days over by purchaseing cloth so I have a bill can I exchange it know

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    Now I want to exchange product in other zudio store near by me.Will Zudio store accept the start hyper market bill

  5. I have purchased a dress from zudio, unfortunately the fitting was tight for me, but i had an accident and i was suffering from some health issues, so i can’t return the same within few days, but i cant use this product anymore, what should i do? Since i do not have any helpers to help me with the return, what can i do with this product? Can i exchange it from the zurio store? Can i get it?

  6. I want to exchange my clothes that I bought 1 week back..can I exchange it in a different store? I have the bill and tags on the clothes.

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