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Tumble dry shoe cleaning price | Tumble dry laundry price

The cost of tumble drying your laundry can vary depending on a few factors. The type of dryer your service provider is using, the setting they use, the size of your load, and the type of fabric you’re giving for the drying all play a role in how much it will cost for tumble drying.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the updated tumble dry laundry price list for 2022-23. Please note in we keep on publishing content that is the latest and useful for our readers.

The current price of tumble-dry laundry for Men’s Wear

Here we are sharing the updated price list for the men’s wear list simultaneously we are sharing the offer price for tumble dry laundry price near you.

Men’s WearRegular Tumble dry laundry priceTodays Offer Price
Shirt/Tshirt120/120Rs.96/96 Rs.
Trouser/Jeans120/120 Rs.96/96 Rs.
Coat250 Rs.200 Rs.
Suit 2 Pcs370 Rs.296 Rs.
Suit 3 Pcs490 Rs.392 Rs.
Jacket250+ Rs.200+ Rs.
Latest Tumble dry laundry price list for men’s wear

The latest price of tumble-dry laundry for women’s wear.

Here is the latest price for women’s wear by tumble dry laundry, please note in most cases the charges depend on fabric as well.

Women’s WearRegular Price from Tumble dry
KurtaMinimum 130Rs 
SalwarMinimum 100Rs
SareeMinimum 280
DressRs 300 Minimum
LahengaRs 450 Onwards
ShawlRs 180 Onwards

The tumble dry shoe cleaning price

Cleaning shoes using a tumble dry method is one of the most preferred ways to clean shoes. Here we are sharing the tumble dry shoe cleaning price that the company is offering across its branches. You can check the latest offers in the below table.

Type of Shoes Tumble dry shoe cleaning regular priceTumble dry Offer Price Today
Suede LeatherRs.500Rs.400
Boots560 Rs Plus as per size 360 Rs Plus

Check the latest tumble-dry laundry price list

It’s no secret that the cost of living has been on the rise in recent years. This is especially true when it comes to the price of tumble dry laundry. In fact, the tumble dry laundry price is still on the lower end when you consider the current offer price.

Here is the updated tumble dry laundry price you need to pay.

Item detailRegular Price RateToday’s Offer Price
Wash & Steam IronRs. 115/KgRs. 75/Kg
Wash & FoldRs. 75/KgRs. 75/Kg
Premium LaundryRs. 175/KgRs. 175/Kg
Woolen LaundryRs. 175/KgRs. 175/Kg


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