Top 6 High Graphics Driving simulator Games for Android

Hello Simulator lovers, welcome to our blog Digital Technology Information & Technology. In this article we listed best new driving games for android. As usual, expect to see new car, trucks, off-road, parking Simulators in the list with high graphics and realistic driving simulation. I have compiled a list of 6 new driving games with the best graphics and driving simulation. So stay tuned till the end of the article. I post Driving Simulator games and other related contents on this blog, so if you’d love to be getting driving games list and other mobile simulator topics regularly, then do well to subscribe to our blog Digital Technology & Information. So, here listed top 6 Best new driving games with the best graphics and driving simulation.

1. Extreme Off-road Driving Simulator

The first driving game on the list is Extreme Off-road Driving Simulator. Become a test driver and go through difficult tracks on powerful 4×4 SUVs. Showcase your off-road driving skills in a variety of levels each with their own distinct location and obstacle that will surely give you a competitive gameplay. The game features 8 different SUVs to drive in the game, 30 unique thrilling levels, Manual H shifting gears for real driving experience, realistic game physics, well designed environments, easy to learn controls and high quality graphics. If you are a fan of 4x4s and off-road Simulator games, then you should try this game. 

2. John: Truck Car Transport

Moving on to the next driving game on the list, we have  John: Truck Car Transport. Walk, enter your truck, drive and avoid traffic on dangerous hills as you deliver super cars. So basically you’d be playing as a character in the game called john, help him transport various cars to different locations in a given time. While you drive you need to avoid traffic cars and drive carefully because you can crash or damage your cargo which will further lead to you failing the level. The game features many various super cars to transport, a free walk mode, realistic traffic AI, well modelled vehicle transportation truck, many different maps, comprehensive driving Controls and lots more. Overall, the graphics of the game is great it’s not bad if you ask me, truck Simulation is also realistic, it’s a good game, you get the game if you love truck Simulators.

3. Russian Cars Simulator

Moving on our next spot we have Russian Cars Simulator. Russian Cars Simulator is a real physics engine driving simulator game that will provide the real taste of the driving 3 models of the Classic Russian lada car. A car Simulator with the combination of a driving and drifting Simulation. Well, the game features 2 maps to explore, well detailed design of the cars, various camera  angles, realistic car physics and realistic engine sounds. Overall, it’s a decent game,  the graphics are on an average, driving controls may be an issue at times, hope the developer works on this, aside those little setbacks, it’s still worth trying out.

4. Off-road Truck Simulator: Tropical Cargo

Moving on to the next Driving game on the list, we have Off-road Truck Simulator: Tropical Cargo. Explore an entire island and drive anywhere, deliver cargo to destination, deliver goods in a given time, ascend or descend hills on a bumpy terrain in this 4×4 pickup truck simulator game. There are three game modes, an open world mode where you drive around a small tropical village completing various tasks, a level mode where you Drive through 12 wide-open maps with varied terrain and delivering cargos to a specific destination and a racing mode. The game features over 26 off-road vehicles, over 12+ game levels to keep you occupied, beautiful off-road terrains and locations and many other cool stuffs like a fuel system in the open world mode. Overall, the graphics  of the game is okay but the driving physics is unrealistic not the best but manageable. Well, this is yet another new off-road driving Simulator off Today’s list for you to try out.

5. 2nd Gear Parking Pro

The next driving game on the list is 2nd Gear Parking Pro. Well, 2nd Gear Parking Pro delivers an unparalleled driving experience complete with realistic game levels and gameplay. There are about 30+ levels featuring parking lots and garages. The game features various vehicles with full Customisation options from car roofs to rims   and other car parts, Realistic 3d environments to drive in, realistic car sounds and car physics, well detailed environment, parking indicators and other realistic features. Overall, the graphics of the game is amazing and the vehicle Simulation is super okay, if your a fan of car parking Simulators, this game is a go ahead.

6. Race of Horizon

Coming in last on this list of driving games is Race of Horizon. Race of horizon is a car driving and racing Simulator where you drive, drift and feel the thrill of driving a sports car. There are many test tracks   to race in, pick a sports car in the garage, tune and then head to the tracks to show your skills. The game features various sport cars, many game levels, realistic car damage,   several camera angles including an interior cam for first person driving mode, accurate physics, ABS, TC and ESP simulation and many more. Overall, It’s a fantastic racer Graphics are good, driving mechanics is realistic not bad for a racing game.

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