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Top 6 Games like Forza Horizon for Android & iOS

Hello Simulator lovers, welcome to our blog Digital Technology & Information. In this article we listed best new driving games for Android mobile. I have compiled a Top 6 Games like Forza Horizon for Android & iOS. So stay tuned till the end of the article. I post Driving Simulator games and other related contents on this blog, so if you’d love to be getting driving games list and other mobile simulator topics regularly, then do well to subscribe to our DTAI. So, here listed top best 6 Games like Forza Horizon for Android & iOS.

1. Tuning Club Online

The first game on the list is Tuning Club Online. Tuning club online is a real-time multiplayer open world driving game, where you get to experience lots of fun with your friends and other players from around the world. The game features lots of game modes ranging from real time racing to drift battles and other cool modes there’s also a free room mode to explore various maps in the game well some of the game features are full car Customisation with lots of tuning options, a huge collection of cars various game modes, a chat feature and many more overall, it’s a decent game graphics are okay it’s quite similar to forza in terms of the open world aspect well great game you should check it out.

2. Real Driving School

Moving on to the next driving game we have Real Driving School. This is an open world driving simulator that features driving and car packing simulation with stunning graphics and realistic physics complete missions and end cars to unlock new cars to ride choose to play in the freeride mode, where you get to explore a huge open world city map and challenge your friends to a race in the multiplayer mode. There’s also a drift mode where you can test your drifting and car handling skills. Real driving school will give you the ultimate car driving experience the game has lots of potential the developers just need to increase the map size and then bam a forza horizon look-alike on mobile.

3. Sansuryo

Moving on on our next spot we have Sansuryo. Since Sansuryo is an open world game, where you get to ride many cars and even planes so explore a huge map driving some of your best supercars you know game modes or attacks just straight up driving and driving the game also features an online multiplayer mode to create custom rooms with your friends to explore the big map overall the game’s graphics are console quality. It also features a big map available for free roaming just like forza well among this article list of games. This is by far the closest to the game.

4. Russian Rider Online

Coming up next on the list is Russian Rider Online from the developers of tuning club this game also shares similar features with the game just in russian rider you get to drive some of the popular russian vehicles and there are more cool gamers to check out with your friends. It’s an online multiplayer game so you can invite friends create custom rooms and have lots of fun the game features a collection of russian cars ranging from the classics to the modern super wheelers unique customization options for each vehicle virus map to for room a variety of game modes and in-game voice chat feature easy driving controls accurate physics and high quality 3d graphics.


Moving on to the next game we have HRGT. HRGT which stands for High Resolution Graphics Test is an open world driving game developed to test your phone strength and the consumption of your device resources with high resolution graphics, so the game features just one car on the map to explore feature. This game on the list basically because the graphics are amazing and well detailed. Well it’s just a small game and you would need a powerful device to run. This game smoothly without lags, I tried testing this game on my friend’s redmi note 9 pro you can look up the specs and even on low settings.

6. Racing experience

The last game on the list is Racing experience. Racing experience is one of the best free and realistic car simulator games which combines racing and arcade driving dynamics for mobile platforms the game contains many legendary sports cars with different upgrade and Customization options when you’ve earned enough cash from winning races and other game modes you can then buy and customize the car you fancy the game features various cool super cars many cool game modes such as career modes and even a multiplayer mode to play with friends ethereal mode interiors for each car various camera angles realistic engine sounds and many more overall racing experience is a nice game and trust me when i say that this game should be your best bet if you’re looking to get a similar experience to fosa horizon.

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