Top 5 Trackball Mouse for Gaming (Gamer’s gadgets)

Hello guys welcome to our blog Digital Technology & Information. In this article, we’re going to look at the top five trackballs mouse for gaming available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion research and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality features and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to subscribe our blog DTAI. So, here are the top 5 best track balls.

1. Kensington Expert

Our top trackball is the Kensington Expert. The kensington trackball is leading the competition in every way. It is built with quality materials to maximize durability. This trackball has a bluetooth connection that boosts your productivity without all the restrictions from a USB cable. Moreover, we found that the kensington technology sure lives up to its reputation in producing the most durable trackballs it has four buttons that can be customized to carry out any function of your choice many trackball users have complained about trackballs with high speed especially first time users who can’t control their cursor speed that is why kensington trackball has speed adjustment for its cursor to keep you in charge of your work speed it also has an ambidextrous design that makes it a perfect trackball for everyone both right and left-handed what’s more as no trackball users enjoy looking for new batteries that is why its battery life can be conserved by putting it on an auto sleep mode this will ensure that your battery lasts longer this trackball enables you to work in comfort as it has a removable wrist rest that takes stress off your arm when working it has a compact design that aids storage and it also makes it easy for you to carry your trackball from one place to another if you care about having the best quality device for your workspace this aesthetically designed trackball is just what you need.

Specifications Features
Connectivity Technology Wired
Brand Kensington
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Series Mouse
Special feature Mac Compatible

Pros :

  • It has a three year warranty.
  • It is portable.
  • It is very user friendly.

Cons :

  • Its ball may be too large for people with smaller hands.

2. Logitech ERGO M575

The second product on our list is the Logitech ERGO M575. The new ergo m575 trackball is built with the best logitech technologies it is the modified version of the previous logitech trackball we think it is one of the most versatile trackballs in the market it has dual connectivity bluetooth and usb connection so you can always choose the most convenient type of connection for your setup moreover it has a protective case for when traveling or during storage it is designed with a large surface area to give more room for your thumb additionally the scroll wheel is smooth to use and sensitive to the slightest touch this trackball can also be removed easily for proper cleaning we also like that it is built to last with high quality recycled plastics that will withstand over 3 million clicks this trackball also has an adjustable hinge to enable you to find the perfect angle for your working position lastly the ergo m575 trackball is aesthetically designed to give your work area a touch of glass.

Specifications Features
Connector Type Wireless, Blutooth, USB
Brand Logitech
Special Feature Wireless, Trackball, Blutooth
Movement Detection Technology Optical
Colour Black

Pros :

  • It doesn’t consume much battery power.
  • It is good value for money.
  • It has dual connectivity.

Cons :

  • It generates clicky sounds.
  • Its bluetooth connection may not be stable.

3. ELECOM Bitra

The third product on our list is the ELECOM Bitra. Most gamers find a conventional mouse inconvenient as it reduces their speed and puts too much strain on the arms if you are experiencing this you need a trackball specially designed for gamers like the elecon bitra which uses bluetooth based connections and is finger operated you can take it anywhere including a camp without electric power as it uses a battery that can last for over three months after charging its wireless bluetooth connection also makes it possible for you to use it on any surface including your couch as you don’t have to worry about the cord getting caught on anything what’s more we like that the bittrex trackpool has five buttons and a scroll wheel these five buttons can be customized by downloading the elecom mouse assistant this will make your work easier as you can create shortcuts and assign special functions to each button unlike many other trackballs this device does not generate any irritating click sounds so you can use it in the library in public places and even at night without disturbing someone sleeping close to you even better we found that the betray trackball is easy to maintain during a routine cleaning you just have to push out its ball from the rear with a finger or pin then this ball can be replaced easily after cleaning.

Specifications Features
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Movement Detection Trackball
Number of Buttons 5

Pros :

  • It has a semi hard case to protect.
  • It it is easy to maintain.
  • It has a compact design.

Cons :

  • It has a very high acceleration ratio which may not suit more casual users.

4. Perixx PERIMICE

Up next in fourth place is the Perixx PERIMICE. The type of mouse we use with our computer goes a long way in affecting a work speed and productivity which is why perex paramize trackball comes highly recommended for everyone who cares about working with high speed and efficiency its ergonomic design enables you to work all day comfortably with it we like that this trackball has a tilting wheel that you can use to scroll data on your screen without moving your arm this helps to reduce arm fatigue at work it is designed to offer enough space for your fingers to be placed comfortably on each curve unlike so many other trackballs in the market the perex has three adjustable angles with its two detachable mouse risers you can adjust its height and angles to suit your workflow when it comes to customization carex is leading the competition with its six programmable buttons you can customize each button to perform a certain function or even act as shortcuts we also like that it is built with high quality materials so you don’t have to worry about the durability of this trackball lastly perixx works out of the box it doesn’t need any special setup making it one of the easiest to use trackballs on the market.

Specifications Features
Connector Type USB
Brand Perixx store
Compatible Devices Personal Computer
Special feature Portable, Soundless, Ergonomic Design
Movement Detection Technology Optical

Pros :

  • Its laser system is very responsive.
  • It is easy to use and it is built to last.

Cons :

  • It is not suitable for kids due to its small ball.

5. Logitech Trackman

The fifth product on our list is the Logitech Trackman are you tired of experiencing arm pains after using your regular mouse for a while this logitech mouse might be for you because it comes highly recommended for people that surf the internet all day it offers accurate and fast cursor movement and we like that you don’t need to move your arms around when working with trackman as its control buttons can be used to move the cursor effortlessly when it comes to ease of use this trackball works right out of the box all you need to do is connect its usb and it is ready for use unlike other trackballs on the market the trackman has two ergonomically designed buttons so that a right or left-handed person can use it easily moreover this unit does not require much working space to be functional lastly it is built with the latest logitech technology that offers users customization options you can assign this trackball to do whatever you like on your screen jumping to an app opening a new page clicking shortcuts and more.

Specifications Features
Connectivity Technology PS/2, USB
Brand Logitech
Special feature Basic
Movement Detection Technology Trackball, Optica

Pros :

  • It is convenient for left-handed people.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It is lightweight.

Cons :

  • It is not wireless.

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