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Top 5 Open World Realistic Car Driving Simulators Android & iOS 2021

Hello Simulator fans, welcome to our blog Digital Technology & Information. In this article I will be sharing to you guys a list of top 5 Open World Simulator for best realistic car Driving simulators games you can play on your smartphone. I have compiled a list of 5 realistic car simulator where you can configure car engines, modify car parts, driving and repairing of various types of cars.

1. Big city car simulator

The first game on the list is Big city car simulator. Big city car simulator is an open world driving game where you can drive drift and fuel a recent sports car for free explore a small city map in your car going against speed limits without the cops chasing you well the game features a very small map and you only get to drive one car does it overall the graphics of the game are not bad. The driving simulation is okay not the best but okay the game looks unfinished though due to the lack of traffic ai’s game tasks and a small map well I really wish the developers should add these stuffs to the next update to make the game look more lively.

2. Car life 

Moving on to the next game we have Car life. This is an open world role play driving game it’s a massive multiplayer open world game featuring many players you know just like the regular mmo games bought with cars so drive around the big map completely various tasks to end cash got enough to purchase new vehicles and other cool stuffs the game features a huge selection of vehicles many tanks and rules around the map to complete many locations a work mode a dna cycle realistic game physics decent driving and controls and lots more the graphics of the game are okay not bad for a multiplayer game just lacks players in their servers due to the game being region based at the moment so you may find yourself lonely in the big map at times.

3. Challenger car simulator 

Moving on on our next spot we have Challenger car simulator. Challenger car same is an open world car driving simulator where you basically just drive around a small map in your sports car there are no game modes or tasks you simply start a game by picking a car in the menu there are just two of them pick the one you fancy and then you’re good to go well the game features a small city map incredible car physics simulation decent car engine sounds and smooth controls overall challenger car simulator is a decent game but i don’t know i feel like it needs more working on like maybe adding more moves like racing or better still a multiplayer mode it’s a good game but it could be better if the developer add more features.

4. Off-road 4×4 car driving

Moving on to the next game on the list we have off-road 4×4 car driving. This is an open waterfall driving game where you drive a variety of 4×4 suvs and other vehicles in a big off-road map completing a number of objectives complete various stacks in the game to gather cash and unlock more vehicles there are loads of them in the garage the game features a big map real vehicle engine sounds many game missions to keep you occupied different viewing camera angles well optimized high-end graphics easy to land controls and user-friendly ai if you love off-road driving simulators then this game is a recommend off to this list of games.

5. Brazil Simulator 2

Coming up next on the list is by Brazil simulator 2. Brazil Simulator 2 is an open world game inspired by brazilian cars where you can tune and customize your vehicle however you like plus character customization true and cash from jobs and missions around the map well some of the game features a full car customization for each vehicle an open world map available for exploration a day night cycle a traffic system adjustable graphics a simple ui a free work mode various camera angles including an interior cam for first person driving realistic driving simulation and high quality 3d graphics.

6. Driving Vehicle BD Simulator

Finally our last open world game on the list is Driving Vehicle BD Simulator developed on the popular game engine or real engine this driving simulator is sure to give it a real open world experience it’s still in its better stage though but it has lots of potential if worked on fully well in the beta apk you get to explore a white desert map driving about five well-mode vehicles not much really to do due game like task just drive and drive and keep driving games graphics are super good for a mobile game driving simulation is also okay though the driving controls need some serious working on well like i said the game is still in its development stage so keep your expectations low when downloading and there we have it guys another additional six open one driving games for you to play on your smartphone for free what are your thoughts on the list you can always add them in the comments.

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