Top 5 New Simulator Games for Android in 2021 (Gamer’s Guide)

Hello Simulator fans, welcome to our blog Digital Technology & Information. In this article we listed best new driving games for mobile. As usual, expect to see new car, trucks, off-road, parking Simulators in the list with high graphics and realistic driving simulation. I have compiled a Best new driving Simulator games you can play on mobile device. So stay tuned till the end of the article. I post Driving Simulator games and other related contents on this blog, so if you’d love to be getting driving games list and other mobile simulator topics regularly, then do well to subscribe to our Techneye. So, here listed top 5 Simulator games with best graphics and Simulation you can play on your smartphone for free.

1. Ford Mustang Simulator

The first driving game on the list is Ford Mustang Simulator. Drive through ramps and create crazy stunts in the american ford mustang. A small map filled with ramps and obstacles, you get to show your stunt and drifting skills in this game riding   super sports car. Although you only get to ride in one vehicle, you still get to have   fun while playing. Hope the devlopers adds more cars and maps in the nearest future. Games Graphics are console like and car mechanics are decent with ESP, TC and ABS made available and there’s also a nitro feature. and although, the game has stunning Graphics and well detailed environment, it has been pretty optimised to run on low end devices as well.   If you ever face lags, Just toggle the graphics settings to smoothen gameplay.

2. Real Truck Simulator

Moving on to the next driving simulator on the list, we have Real Truck Simulator Explore an open city as a transport trucker and deliver various expensive goods and cargos around the city. Load the loads on the truck from the specified point and then depart. Drive carefully to delivery point, park carefully and then you get rewarded with cash bonuses. Gather enough, and then use to unlock more trucks in the garage. The game features realistic truck physics, various stunning trucks up in the garage to drive, a day and night cycle, truck damage penalty and a fuel system, traffic AI on the roads, realistic cockpit view, different Camera options and lots more. Overall, the game’s graphics are okay if you ask me, truck Simulation and mechanics are realistic, the only downside of the game is that the default language is in Chinese.

3. Dirt Road Trucker

Coming up next on the list is Dirt Road Trucker. Dirt Road Trucker lets you take control of a rusty but trusty old truck and deliver cargo on difficult dirt roads. Challenge yourself by trying to be as fast as you can, but be careful not to drop any cargo to complete the level successfully. The game features many game levels and a practice mode to keep you occupied big time. It’s a fun game, for such a small size, the   graphics are good truck physics are realistic as well, no long talks, just download and play. 

4. Ferrari 458 Driving Simulator

Moving on to the next driving game on the list we have Ferrari 458 Driving Simulator. Driving the Ferrari  super sports car in driving Simulator developed by Snipro Games. In this game, you’d be driving the Ferrari in a small off-road map. There are no tasks or missions to do in the game you just spawn in a random location on one end of the map and then you can start exploring. You can change the camera of the game. Don’t like the third person cam, you can switch over to the cockpit view. The game features decent 3d graphics, a realistic design of the car, realistic vehicle sounds and Realistic game physics which will surely give you the real driving experience.

5. Metal Car Driving Simulator

The last driving game on the list is Metal Car Driving Simulator. Get ready to test your driving skills in the awesome Simulator. So, Take your ride, reach high speeds and drive through traffic to become the king of the city! It’s an open world driving game, so pick a ride in the menu, there are loads of them, so pick a car, start the game and start driving. There are many game missions across the map, complete them to earn massive cash to unlock more vehicles. The game features many events like races and pursuit modes, a huge city to explore with a traffic system, individual camera angles including a detailed cockpit cam, easy to learn controls and amazing 3d graphics. It’s a fun game for you to try out. The graphics are superb, vehicle Simulation is on point, driving mechanics are okay, trust me guys, you wouldn’t get bored playing this game So that’s it for our list today guys, thank you so much for reading out this article at the end, 

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