Which are the High quality projector in 4K resolution [Gadgets]

A successful projector model is one that adapts to any environment it finds itself in, while offering a performance that does justice to its content. In this context, the 4k projectors come in as an attractive option for anyone looking for quality projectors at a good price. 4k projectors offer several standout features that make them stand out from other projectors. Before you head on to get one, read this article to make an informed choice.

1. Sony VPL-VWT15ES

Our top 4k projector is the Sony VPL-VWT15ES. The Sony VPL-VWT15ES is a worthy investment for anyone looking for a high technology projector. It has the same sxrd imaging panel used in its predecessor VPL-VW695ES therefore it has no problem delivering detailed 4k imagery one of its new features is an x1 main microprocessor. It’s dynamic HDR enhancer uses this increased processing power to analyse sources scene by scene like other sony 4k home theater projectors, it also has an HDR reference mode located under the HDR menu option when activated. It will faithfully track the luminance of HDR content until it hard clips just like an HDR mastering display another upscale feature is its motorized 2.06 times zoom lens, this lens offers five memory positions to store and recall image parameters such as focus picture size picture position aspect ratio and blanking VPL-VWT15ES can display both HDR10 sources but not HDR 10 plus or dolby vision. This projector accepts native 1080ip and 4k sources but not 480ip to display 480ip you have to first convert it externally. Furthermore Sony VPL-VWT15ES has a new laser light source and a rated ten thousand lumens of brightness.

It’s Pros are given below :

  • It has a digital focus optimiser for more accurate focus.
  • It has a 3,50,000 to 1 dynamic contrast with advanced.
  • It has HDFC compatibility on both 18 gigabits per second HDMI inputs.

Its Cons are given below :

  • HDR tone mapping is too dark and it has an insufficient range for HDR color management.

2. Sony VW325ES

The second product on our list is the Sony VW325ES. Sony VW325ES is an upgrade to their previous VW295ES model it shares a lot of strength and even more than its predecessor like the previous model VW325ES uses an advanced silicone x-tile reflective display imager and reality creation engine to produce a genuinely cinema quality viewing experience. The sxrd light source combines with an aspherical lens to produce a resolution sharper than most true 4k projectors and thanks to its motion flow technology the picture stays sharp even when it is in motion which we like while the reality creation engine upscales full high definition content and sharpens signals already in 4k. The main improvement of the VW325ES that sets it apart from other models is its x1 processor that enables high precision frame analysis this produces unmatched color clarity and contrast. It also uses a dynamic HDR enhancer to optimize the contrast on a scene-by-scene basis. We like this projector because it can play a wide range of content types it’s compatible with imax enhanced content and has full 3D support allowing you to play 3d content directly from blu-ray players and other devices. The gaming mode on the VW325ES drops the input lag as low as 27 milliseconds with this you will not notice any lag even when playing a fast-paced online game. It also supports 4k gaming from the latest generation consoles giving you the same depth and detail you get from movies. Furthermore this projector is built to be a dedicated home theater it puts out about 1500 lumens which are ideal for light controlled space.

It’s Pros are given below :

  • It has wide lens compatibility.
  • It supports full 18 gigabits per second hdmi.
  • It’s easy to install.

It’s Cons are given below :

  • Its lamp is not bright enough for well at spaces.

3. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

The third product on our list is the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB. The Epson 5050UB is a round projector for serious home theater enthusiasts, it is a 4k and high dynamic range compatible projector that uses three LCD technology and not the single chip digital light processing found in most projectors this means it does not need to display color sequentially and this prevents rainbow effects supplementing, its LCD panels is a pixel shifting technology called 4k pro UHD, it shifts each pixel diagonally to double full high definition resolution. This entire process happens so fast that the image appears as one seamless high resolution image the feature that sets this projector apart is its motorized lens this lens offers 96.3 vertical and 47.1 percent horizontal movement with a motorized zoom of 2.1 times. This allows it to fit into any Home Epson 5050UB can produce images with a brightness of up to 2600 lumens making it one of the brightest we have seen. However its lamp light is on the low side at 5000 hours which is still over three years of use at four hours a night armed with ultra black technology. This projector produces an outstanding dynamic contrast ratio of one million to one. We like that its complete 10-bit hdr color processing allows it to accept and faithfully recreate 100 of the hdr source information this provides exceptional visual performance.

It’s Pros are given below :

  • It uses real-time 12-bit analog-to-digital video processing.
  • It includes a backlit remote control and
  • It is good for gaming with a low input lag.

It’s Cons are given below :

  • This projector could run more quietly than it does this projector is suitable for anyone looking for a projector with good image quality.

4. LG HU810PW

Up next in fourth place is the LG HU810PW. With this model lg opened the eyes of home theater enthusiasts to great features, the standout feature includes streaming apps like amazon prime video, disney plus, youtube and more that come on demand courtesy of a web OS 5.0 interface, its wireless streaming support extends to apple airplay for Mac computers and iOS devices and screen mirroring via miracast for PCs and android devices. Thanks to its HDMI enhanced audio return channel it can feed high quality audio to an AVR based surround system or a sound system like a sound bar, it also has a bluetooth output for a wireless connection to the soundbar. The HU810PW is a single chip digital light processing projector that delivers 4k resolution via pixel shifting, it uses a dual laser light source to beam images with 2700 ANSI lumens of brightness in addition to its 4k display capability, it supports HDR 10 and the hybrid log gamma high dynamic range formats and it is specified for 97 dci p3 color space coverage. This projector lacks a dynamic iris but provides dark room bright room and user adjustable iris modes aided by adaptive contrast settings this helps to maximize picture contrast. There is also no adjustable hdr tone mapping adjustment but it has a dynamic tone mapping feature capable of adjusting hdr images on a frame by frame basis which is what we like. Furthermore this projector’s laser light source can live up to 20,000 hours and for connections it includes a pair of hdmi 2.0 and hdmi 2.1 inputs which is great news for gamers.

It’s Pros are given below :

  • It includes a smart remote control for easy configuration.
  • Its voice control is on board.
  • It has a 1.6 times zoom lens.

It’s Cons are given below :

  • Its lens adjustments are manual.
  • It does not support 3d.

5. Epson Home Cinema 3800

The fifth product on our list is the Epson Home Cinema 3800. Are you looking for a versatile 4k projector you should look no further than the Epson Home Cinema 3800. This projector measures 16 by 13 by 6.5 inches in size and weighs about 15.2 pounds making it easy to use in different locations or permanently mounted in a home theater, its 250 watt ultra high performance lamp is rated to last 3,500 to 5,000 hours and its fan runs as quiet as 24 to 35 decibels lower brightness means longer lamp life and a more quiet operation depending on the lamp mode speaking of brightness. The epson 3800 offers peak brightness up to 3000 lumens for both color and white brightness, this is higher than most calibrated standard dynamic range projectors and displays high dynamic range effectively. This projector has a true three chip projector design this means that it uses three LCD imaging in which there are separate panels for red blue and green colors to ensure equal white and color brightness without any rainbow effects it’s 4k enhancement technology doubles the effective number of pixels on the screen by quickly shifting each pixel back and forth diagonally between two positions. We like that the Epson 3800 can accept and display 4k ultra high definition content from ultra high definition blu-ray discs and other streaming providers that offer it. This projector is flexible and keeps its image aligned with the screen this is possible because of its horizontal and vertical lens shift additionally its lens has a zoom ratio of 1.0 to 1.62 and a throw distance range of 1.32 to 2.15 times the screen width. Furthermore Epson supports HDR10 and hlg formats it features a fully 10-bit signal path with partial 12-bit analog-to-digital video processing for smooth tonal transitions.

It’s Pros are given below :

  • It has two built-in stereo speakers a contrast ratio of one hundred thousand to one.
  • It supports full 18 gigabytes per second hdmi 2.0.

It’s Cons are given below :

  • Frame interpolation is not available with 4k input.
  • This projector is suitable for anyone looking for a projector that offers versatility and flexibility.

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