Which gaming monitor will be best for 2022?

Hello guys welcome to our blog Digital Technology & Information. In this article, we’re going to look at the top five HD Gaming Monitors available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features and values when narrowing down the best choices possible. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to subscribe our blog DTAI. So, here are the top five Best High Resolution HD Gaming Monitors  (Buyer’s Review)

1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G9

Our top Gaming monitor is the SAMSUNG Odyssey G9. If you’re looking for the best of the best, a monitor with every feature under the sun then the Samsung Odyssey G9 is the product you’ve been searching for. The G9 is an absolute monster of a gaming monitor, with a colossal 49-inch display, a 5,120 x 1,440 resolution and 240 Hz fresh rate. This unit is basically everything you could ever dream of in a monitor, all in one package. When it comes to immersion and gameplay withthe Samsung Odyssey G9, all bets are off; that giant curved screen means that no matter how much is happening on-screen, you’ll always be able to make out exactly what’s going on around you. This is what makes the G9 so appealing to RPG Gamers in general. The extra-wide field of view helps boost immersion in games such as Assassins Creed Vallhalla and provides tremendous utility in titles like World of Warcraft. This is because the G9 is the perfect size to match the curve of the human eye, providing maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. That means you’ll be able to game for hours on end without needing a break. One thing worth pointing out is that the 5,120x 1,440 display resolution isn’t quite 4K, but it’s more than close enough for any modern or next-gen title. Combine its native resolution with that 240Hertz refresh rate, and you have a gaming monitor that graphics cards will be struggling to max out for many years to come. There’s more to this product than just gaming, though. This monitor is a masterclass when it comes to productivity. With this unit, you certainly don’t need a second monitor as you can easily have six browser windows open side by side without an issue. Even better, Samsung has also included built-in picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture support. This means you can actually treat this monitor as two displays if needed, perfect for work projects or streaming. If you’re a professional who needs to spenda lot of time multi-tasking or an avid gamer that wants to make the most of their PC rig, then this monitor is something you will have to experience for yourself. 


  • It has super-fast input speeds and refresh rates.
  • It has a huge curved monitor.
  • It provides fantastic resolution.
  • It has a large amount of utility functions. 


  • You will need a lot of desk space to use this unit effectively. 

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 has essentially everything going for it. Whether you need to improve productivity at work or just want the best gaming experience possible, the G9 is ideal.

2. Alienware AW2721D

The second product on our list is the Alienware AW2721D. Every now and again, a gaming monitor comes along that truly does it all. Here the Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor makes a solid play at being the most versatile of the products on our list. Featuring a rather sturdy and highly ergonomic stand lined with on-brand LED light strips, this Alienware 27 has a unique design and superb construction quality while also pumping out beautiful on-screen action. Whether watching a movie or playing a multiplayer title in HDR, the display looks great inside and out, showing almost no compromises. With its 27-inch display running at 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, the Alienware features a style straight out of the company’s more recent playbook. It mimics a sci-fi UFO look with an almost wholly white shell, other than a few bands of customisable LED arrays around the monitor’s underside, running the height of the stand and behind the classic Alienware logo in the top right corner. As you’d expect, most of the ports are inthe back of the monitor, facing down. This includes two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort1.4b input, an upstream USB port, two downstream USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack for audio throughput via HDMI, and the connector for the AC power cable. The top-notch 1440p display is built on a Fast IPS panel with a native refresh rate of 240 Hertz. It features support for VESA Display HDR 600and Nvidia’s top-grade G-Sync Ultimate to prevent screen tearing when used with compatible GPUs. We like that the VESA Display HDR 600 provides real-time contrast ratios with localised dimming that yields impressive highlights and deep blacks, supporting a wider color gamut. Even better, the QHD resolution allows you to see 77-percent more on-screen game content in incredible detail compared to Full HD resolution. With this new IPS Nano Color technology, you can experience colors with a 98-percent DCI-P3 color coverage, a professional color gamut with a greater range than sRGB. Lastly, we love the flicker-free screen with Comfort View that reduces harmful blue light allowing you to enjoy marathon gaming sessions without eye fatigue. 


  • It has a unique Sci-fi style.
  • It provides exceptional resolution.
  • It comes with eye-safe technology. 


  • We did notice some minor light bleed along the bottom edge. 

The Alienware AW2721D is a very gaming-centric device that provides outstanding performance in every category of testing.

3. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7

The third product on our list is the SAMSUNG Odyssey G7. It can be challenging to tick all the right boxes when you’re hunting for the best gaming monitor money can buy. Having a high refresh rate often forces you into having a lower resolution, smaller screen, or a cheaper TN panel. Thankfully Samsung sidesteps all these compromises with the Odyssey G7 by pushing out a whopping 240 Hertz on a 27-inch curved 1440p VA panel. With this unit, Samsung goes big on pretty much every aspect of the design, including a chunky V-shaped stand. We did notice that there’s a little bit of wobble, but the screen sits in a stable position and can swivel and tilt without an issue. You can even turn it 90-degrees into portrait mode, but like with the ViewSonic, you probably won’t want to do that due to its aggressive1000R curve that’s designed to be this product’s centerpiece. We found the monitor itself is about as modern as it gets, with thin bezels, a sleek textured backplate, and a USB pass-through for connecting up a gaming keyboard and mouse. Samsung even throws some lighting into the mix. There are two front-facing LEDs that are angled downwards to avoid any distracting glare. However, it’s not what’s on the outside of the Odyssey G7 but what’s underneath that counts. This device has both a low input lag and adaptive sync technology. Its G-Sync compatibility prevents screen tearing on Nvidia GPUs, and Free Sync is doing the same for those with AMD Radeon graphics cards. It’s worth noting that the display has these settings turned on by default, but you should double-check and ensure to enable it in Windows 10 just in case. You’ll also want to use one of its two Display Ports to get the full 240 Hertz, as the single HDMI 2.0 is actually limited to just 144 Hertz at 1440p resolution. These blazingly fast speeds translate particularly well to FPS games with Nvidia Reflex. One thing you certainly notice about the Odyssey G7 is its behemoth curve; being enveloped by the screen quickly draws you into the best story games and atmospheric titles like Metro Exodus or even good old Skyrim. Overall, we think this is an excellent monitor for those really wanting to feel connected to their favorite game. 


  • Its immensely well calibrated.
  • It has adaptive sync for Nivida and AMD.
  • Its Curved screen massively increases immersion.


  • It can be tricky to set up the monitor to its boasted refresh rates and frequency. 

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 is a well-designed monitor that ensures you always have smooth gameplay.

4. Acer Predator XB273

Up next in fourth place is the Acer Predator XB273. Right now is a great time to buy a new PC gaming monitor. So many games in recent years are being enhanced with magnificent graphics. Even old titles are getting upgrades. That means high-quality graphics are super important when you’re playing, and since the gaming monitors sometimes sold with PCs are pretty terrible, you need to buy the best. The XB273K’s gaming pedigree is evident from the second take it out of the box: it is a good-sized 27-inch, G-Sync enabled, IPS screen that boasts a 4-millisecond gray-to-gray response rate and a 240 Hertz refresh rate. This super-fast refresh rate shortens the rendering time, reduces input delay, and delivers an excellent gaming experience. Oh, did we also mention it has 4K resolution? And that it’s got HDR. Just so you know, as a reference point, those are the same specs as the X27, Acer’s flagship model that costs 1000 dollars more. This monitor can offer all these and get it  right, making it an excellent option if you have the rig to make most of the specs. With this unit, you’ll be able to play all the next-gen games on ultra settings for outstanding immersion in RPGs and a pretty solid advantage in Online FPS games. Elsewhere, the XB273K presents you with a great range of options within its menus to deploy those gaming specs. This ranges from different gaming presets to Acer’s Game View options with blue light settings that you can adjust to save your eyes from strain. We like that there is more than enough hereto rely on for just plugging in and playing. Yet also the freedom to create a perfect setting yourself. The buttons to access the menu are straightforward to use, and the central stick makes it particularly simple to navigate. What’s more, the ports you have available increase your ability to either plug and go or adapt to your machines’ needs as there’s an HDMI, Display Port and five USB 3.0 ports are at your service. If you’ve been looking for a high spec monitor to play next-gen games, this could be exactly the product you need. 

Pros :

  • It has a high-speed response time.
  • It supports 4k resolution.
  • It comes with a range of customisable modes.

Cons :

  • Its stand design, while unique, is very bulky, so you need a large desk to place iton. 

The Acer Predator XB273 is an excellent choice for those looking to get the most immersive experience out of their favorite games.

5. ViewSonic ELITE XG270

The fifth product on our list is the ViewSonic ELITE XG270. For many years, gamers have needed to compromise on the monitors they choose. Do you go with fast refresh rates with poor image quality? Or rich detail and much slower speeds? Now, though, the ViewSonic Elite XG270 has changed that as one of the first 240 Hertz IPS displays to hit the market. We love that this unit has VESA-mountable options, including a stand that swivels up to 45 degrees left or right with a decent tilt range of -5 to 20 degrees. This monitor can even pivot a full 90 degrees for anyone who wants it as their secondary display. Although we are not sure why you would want to do that with such an excellent piece of kit. For those wanting that Gamer aesthetic, you’ll be pleased to know there are two RGB strips which can be controlled independently of the strip on the back and bottom of the monitor. These RGB strips can be synced up to one of three different controller programs via ViewSonic’s membership in the RGB Alliance: Cooler Master plus PC case lighting, Razer’s Chroma keyboards, mice, and headsets and Thermal Take’s TT RGB PC cases and accessories. So you can have your PC rig and monitor matching perfectly. Of course, the most important thing with this monitor is the hardware. The ViewSonic certainly gives you a lot of bang for the buck. With its blistering 240 Hertz refresh rate, we found that the hyper-responsive XG270 captures every frame in astonishing detail. With this unit on your desk, you’ll never miss a second of the action again. What’s more, because it’s so smooth, it’s easier on the eyes, which makes it better for long Gaming sessions or for reading text while working. As for ports, the ViewSonic Elite XG270 is equipped with one HDMI 2.0 port and one Display Port 1.4b slot, three USB 3.1 Type-A ports, anda single USB 3.1 Type-B downstream port for connecting the monitor to your PC. Additionally, On the back of the unit area pair of surprisingly good 3-watt speakers that produce pretty decent sound considering how terrible, or non-existent, monitor speakers usually are. All in all, we think this is the whole package. 


  • It has a range of customisable mounting options.
  • It has RGB lighting strip syncing.
  • It has low motion blur and input lag.

Cons :  

  • Its color results could be better.

The ViewSonic ELITE XG270 is excellent for those wanting to get ahead of the game with a high-frequency monitor. 

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