Which are the Best Laptops under Rs 80,000 in 2022?

Best Gaming Laptop under 80,000 in India | Laptops under Rs 80,000 in 2022. Hello guys in this article we are sharing top 5 the best gaming laptops available in India under Rs. 80,000. Also these best laptops under Rs. 80,000 can also be used for video editing and other high graphic demanding purposes. Laptops under Rs. 80,000 is the best list for laptops if you are a student or a office going person. So I have come up with 10 best laptops under Rs. 80,000 . All the laptops are under Rs. 80,000 in this laptop list. Best laptops to buy under Rs. 80,000 in India.

Confused about which laptop to buy on a tight budget? In this article, we wil be show you five of the best laptops which can be used not only for gaming but also for other purposes as well. We listed all these model, brand, specific uses for product, screen size, cou Manufacturer and connectivity technology etc.

1. Acer Nitro 5

The Acer Nitro 5 is one of the most reasonably priced gaming laptops available today. Acer equipped the Nitro 5 with a 4.4 Gigahertz Intel Core i5-11300H processor, which makes running  demanding applications a breeze. The Nitro 5 comes equipped with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB of VRAM. While the GTX 1650 offers up to 1.7 times higher performance than the GTX 1050 chip found in older budget gaming laptops, it’s not quite as powerful as the GTX 1060. The 1080p display, while still crisp and clear, may be a little darker and is essentially the complete opposite of bezel-free. The laptop has an impressive battery life of 8.5 hours. The processor is coupled with 8 gb of ‎DDR4 ram which can further be expanded upto 32 GB. We could overlook the cheap plastic rear cover, simple keyboard, and heavy weight. However, the tacky trackpad and mediocre screen are hardly excuses for a gaming laptop. Budget gamers will be pleased with the price, but hardcore gamers will be disappointed. The current pricing of this laptop is 69,990, whereas, the original cost can spike upto 90,000 rupees.

Acer Nitro 5 

Acer Nitro 5 Laptop Specification :

Series Nitro 5
Brand HP
Specific Uses For Product Gaming
Screen size 15.6 Inches
Operating System Window 10 Home
Human Interface Input Keyboard, Buttons
CPU Manufacturer Intel
Graphics and Description Dedicated
Special Feature RGB Backlit Keyboard, Thunderbolt 4 Port


2. Aisus TUF F15

The Aisus TUF F15 is a gaming laptop that will provide you with an excellent gaming experience without breaking and lagging. It is loaded with an nvidia GeForce GTX 1650. The Intel Core i5 10300H 10th Gen processor in this Aisus TUF Gaming F15 will meet all of your 1080p gaming needs. Whether you play a lot of competitive eSports or need a rugged laptop, this is a winner. This incredible gaming laptop has a long battery life, making it a fantastic choice for gaming and video editing. Other benefits of this laptop include a long battery life, a great 144-hertz HD screen, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD , and a sturdy build. The only disadvantage is the noisy fan when stretched to maximum capacity. Its performance is surprisingly good for the budget, and even if you forget your power cable at home, this laptop will keep you going for a long time. So, if you’re not concerned about noise and want a budget-friendly gaming laptop with good battery   life and decent performance, this ASUS TUF Gaming laptop may be worth considering based on price, performance, and battery life. As of 25th June 2021, Asus TUF Gaming F15 price in India starts at Rs 63,990 and can go up to 1,22,065 for its other variants.

Aisus TUF F15

Aisus TUF F15 Laptop Specification :

Series TUF Gaming F15
Brand ASUS
Specific uses for product Multimedia, Gaming, Business
Screen size 39.62 Centimetres
Operating system Window 10 Home
CPU Manufacturer Intel
Graphics card Description Dedicated
Special feature RGB Backlit Chiclet Keyboard, FHD (1920 x 1080) 16:9 Display, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Adaptive-Sync
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet


3. HP Omen 15

The new HP Omen 15 is marketed as one of the most portable gaming notebooks, and while this is not entirely true, it does have a sleek appearance. The HP Omen 15 is powered by a powerful 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 memory, and Nvidia GTX 1650 GPU. The HP Omen 15 has a 1080p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144 hertz. The machine can  easily perform simple chores like browsing the web or streaming movies for 3 hours and 30 minutes on a single charge, which isn’t the finest, but it’s a gaming laptop, so you can’t really expect much. The basic storage capacity of this device is 512 gb, which to be honest very low. The HP Omen 15 has a box price of Rs 81,038 but can be bought under 80k at an offline store. Choosing the HP Omen has its own charm. It’s a small, light 15-inch machine with the best-looking gaming laptop we’ve seen in a long time. Despite the fact that this machine is equipped with a minimal collection of parts, it does not look or feel like an entry-level computer. And, frankly, the HP Omen’s exceptional build quality and unusual appearance make it well worth the extra cost.

HP Omen 15 

HP Omen 15 Laptop Specification :

Series Omen
Brand HP
Specific uses for product Personal, Gaming
Screen size 15.6 Inches
Operating system Window 10
CPU Manufacturer Intel
Special feature Anti Reflective
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Hard Disk Size 1024 GB

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Ryzen 7

Lenovo released the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 with an Intel processor a few weeks ago. Many customers chose to wait for the same laptop with an AMD processor, and now the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Laptop is available in India. This new IdeaPad Gaming 3 comes with AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Processor, 15.6-inch Full HD Display, 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. For gaming and powerful performance, it comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti 4GB GDDR6. It does not have a particularly good battery specification. Especially if you intend to use  it for on-the-go video editing. It includes a 45 watt integrated battery. It will, however, charge the device using Rapid Charging technology. The laptop includes a blue backlit gaming keyboard with a black key, a blue icon, and a blue backlight. The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 is a well-rounded gaming laptop with an affordable price tag. It appears to lack a high-refresh-rate and color-accurate display in exchange of mediocre speakers. However, the IdeaPad Gaming 3 provides good gaming performance, a stylish design with solid build quality, and a long battery  life for the price. It has a dedicated Numpad and an easy-to-use touchpad. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Price in India is Rs 71,990.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Ryzen 7

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Laptop Specification :

Series IdeaPad Gaming 3
Brand Lenovo
Specific uses for product Personal, Student, Gaming
Screen size 15.6 Inches
Operating system Windows 11 Home
Human Interface Input Keyboard
CPU Manufacturer NVIDIA
Graphics card Description Dedicated
Special feature Anti Glare Screen, Backlit Keyboard

5. Dell G3 3500

The Dell G3 3500 is a classic gaming notebook with a hefty build and decent performance. Inside, there’s gaming-ready hardware, including an Nvidia 1650 at its heart. It is a windows 10 laptop with a 15.60-inch display that has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It is powered by a Core i5 processor and it comes with 8GB of RAM.  The Dell G3 15 3500 packs 1TB of HDD storage and 256GB of SSD storage. the device does deliver a good performance, especially for entry-level gamers. If you are getting into gaming and want a laptop that can also do office tasks and can be used for college work, the Dell G3 3500 is an excellent choice with very minimal compromises. As it comes with high-performance CPU and GPU, there is nothing that the Dell G3 cannot handle. For an asking price of Rs. 73,990, this is one of the good laptops in the market that compete against the Asus TUF A15.

Dell G3 3500

Dell G3 3500 Laptops Specification :

Series Inspiron
Brand Dell
Specific uses for product Personal
Screen size 15.6 Inches
Operating system Windows 10 Home
Human Interface Input Keyboard
CPU Manufacturer Intel
Special feature Fingerprint reader
Connectivity Technology Wireless


In this way, we have gotten detailed information regarding the Gaming Laptops under Rs.80000 in India , Even after reading this article, if you have any questions or queries related to the same then ask it by your valuable comments, we will answer them ASAP.

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