Are you confused to buy Best iPhone cases in 2022?

Sometimes, we can’t help it when our phones slip from a surface or our hands, but we can take precautionary measures to ensure that they don’t get damaged when they hit the hard floors by protecting them with a nice, rugged case for iPhone. This article will help you to find best of the right one to suit your needs.

1. SupCase UB Pro

The top Rugged case for iPhones is the SupCase UB Pro. This unit is an advanced and durable case with a bunch of awesome features that many rugged cases for iPhones on the market don’t have. It is sturdily built to fit an iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro and offers outstanding protection. With its built-in screen protector, your phone screen is safe from accidental scratches. Despite its strength, the screen protector is very responsive, so you can be sure of smooth screen functions. Due to its tested and trusted capacity to keep your iPhone safe, it won the CNET’s best-case scenario drop test and gained a track record of keeping an iPhone safe even after dropping from a height of 20 feet; that’s some good assurance for those that like extreme sports. The SupCase allows you to go pocket-free and hands-free thanks to its detachable belt clip holster that swivels to enable you to securely mount your iPhone to your belt without a worry. So many iPhone cases on the market may leave the cameras exposed, but this unit offers all-around protection for your iPhone cameras as it hides the cameras below its outer surface. It even has TPU bumpers that absorb shocks to ensure nothing will damage the fragile camera lenses. Lastly, the SupCase has a screen protector that you can remove and replace with another one if it doesn’t suit you. If you work in rough environments or just enjoy outdoor sports, this case is exactly what you need to protect your iPhone.

Pros :

  • It has a very precise cutout with buttons that fits your iPhone perfectly.
  • It offers a texturized grip.
  • It is sturdily built.

Cons :

  • Its kickstand doesn’t always sit at the right angle.

The SupCase UB Pro is a sleek unit that offers complete heavy-duty protection for your iPhone.

2. Rokform Rugged Series

The second product on this list is the Rokform Rugged Series. Check out this advanced rugged case for iPhone from the Rokform series of tough cases. It’s been built with the latest Rokform technology to make up for the shortcomings of other cases on the market. It is sturdily built with durable polycarbonate materials to ensure that it lasts longer and protects better than other iPhone cases. One of its fantastic features that cannot be praised enough is the full camera protection created by its TPU camera ring. This works really well and means you will always be able to take crystal clear photographs no matter how often you drop your phone. Furthermore, it has a scratch-resistant shell and a handy lanyard attachment. The Rokform also has 2 strong magnets that enable you to go hand-free by attaching your phone to any metallic surface, so you can continue with your work and not worry about where your phone is. Even better, its texture offers an anti-slip grip to prevent it from slipping off your hands. Lastly, it has a Roklock twist that lets you mount it on your car, bike, and other places.

Pros :

  • It fits an iPhone 13.
  • It allows wireless charging.
  • It has easy to press buttons.

Cons :

  • It has no belt clip option.

The Rokform Rugged Series is built for those looking for a versatile case that can fit their iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

3. Poetic Revolution

The third product on this list is the Poetic Revolution. Who wants to risk their phones getting damaged from a small drop off a table when they can easily be protected without breaking the bank? There are a few well-regarded cases for iPhone that can ensure the safety of your iPhone, and one of them is the Poetic Revolution which is designed for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Its shiny black exterior allows it to resist stains, so you don’t have to worry about it picking up dirt and looking old. Moreover, this unit has a kickstand feature that allows your phone to be mounted at a suitable angle. It also has a built-in tempered glass screen protector that helps to protect your phone screen, this is also super responsive and does not interfere with your screen operations, so you may not even notice it. This rugged case has been specially designed for people that appreciate aesthetics and will give your iPhone a touch of rugged charm without making it unrecognizable. Additionally, it has a patterned body that is scratch-resistant, and its frame is raised at strategic places to offer maximum protection for your phone’s screen. Lastly, its extra front frame also enables you to remove the screen protector that it comes with and replace it with another one that suits you if needs be.

Pros :

  • It has a kickstand.
  • It has a built-in customizable screen protector.
  • It is aesthetically designed.

Cons :

  • It is not compatible with a magnetic car mount.

The Poetic Revolution is a robust case that will ensure your iPhone’s all-around protection.


Up next in fourth place is the URBAN ARMOR GEAR. This rugged case for iPhone has 5 protective layers to ensure that your iPhone is protected from the impact of a drop. It has a shock-resistant core, so no matter how hard your iPhone hits the ground, the shock will be absorbed by the case, away from the phone. It has big tactile buttons that are ultra-responsive to enable you to operate your phone without removing the case. Its elevated bezels protect your phone screen; that is why iPhones that you put inside this case never shatter when dropped face down. It is built to allow wireless charging and NFC payments, so charging your iPhone is a breeze no matter where you are. It does not just meet the military drop-test standard; it exceeds it, so leaving your phone inside this tested and trusted rugged case for iPhone is the best you can do for it. What’s more, the URBAN has a slim design, so if you are the type that appreciates the sleekness of the phone, then this is the iPhone case for you because it doesn’t make the iPhones too bulky. Moreover, unlike other rugged cases on the market, the URBAN is lightweight. So if you are using an iPhone 12 but are worried about it getting damaged, this is just the product you need.

Pros :

  • It is sleek.
  • It offers 5 layers of protection.
  • It is durable.

Cons :

  • It seems to block wireless charging.

The URBAN ARMOR GEAR is a well-designed case for iPhones that helps to protect your phone from the impact of drops.

5. VENA vArmor Rugged Case

The fifth product on this list is the VENA vArmor Rugged Case. Built with high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane materials to ensure optimal durability, this rugged case is designed to fit your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The VENA has a removable belt clip holster, which you can put your phone on whenever you want to keep your phone close when both hands are occupied. It has a detailed design with tactile buttons that allows you to operate your iPhone’s buttons accurately. The VENA will also enable you to access all the ports in your phone, so you don’t have to remove your phone’s case just to connect a cord. With this rugged case for iPhone, you are assured of the safety of your phone at all times as it is built with the latest VENA corner guard technology to offer all-around protection from drops. It has dual layers of polycarbonate and TPU plastic, which is shock absorbent, so your phone can withstand drops from a height of about 4 feet up to 26 times without showing any visible signs of cracks. Even better, this rugged case only weighs 4 ounces, so it doesn’t make your phone too heavy wither. Despite all the awesome features of this rugged case for iPhone, it is still budget-friendly, which is one of the reasons why it comes highly recommended for people that want to protect their precious but easily breakable iPhone.

Pros :

  • It allows for wireless payments.
  • It offers military-grade protection from drops.
  • It has a detachable holster that swivels 180 degrees.

Cons :

  • Its clip can flex under pressure.

The VENA vArmor Rugged Case is one of the best-rugged cases for iPhone that are available in the market for people that want to protect their iPhones.

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