Punjab Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic Free Test List PDF

Today in our post- Punjab Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic Free Test List PDF, we are going to share the list of pathological tests that are available in the nearby Mohalla clinic.

As we all know on the occasion of the 75th Independence day government as launched the 75 Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic in different districts of Punjab. You can easily locate the nearest Mohalla clinic in your city. This step has been taken by the government to provide Medical facilities to the people residing in Punjab.

There was a circular from Punjab Health Systems Corporation for Laboratory Diagnostic Services for Aam Aadmi Clinics and urban Primary Health Centres in the State of Punjab.

When is Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic Free Test Started in Punjab?

The Laboratory Diagnostic Services was started in all the Mohalla Clinic of Punjab on 15 August 2022. The government has selected the Krsnaa Diagnostic to operate these labs. To Provide Free Lab tests to patients in Mohalla Clinic in Punjab, government staff will collect the sample and the test will be processed by Krsnaa Diagnostic.

We will soon share the Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic list in Punjab in our next post. Here we are going to share the Mohalla Clinic Free Test List, this list is approved by the Punjab Government Health department.

Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic Free Test List in Punjab.

The list of free tests approved by the Punjab government that patients can avail themselves of in Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic is listed below. Please read the Mohalla Clinic Free Test List in Punjab. This is the updated list. Please do write in a comment box and provide your mail id, we will also provide you the Mohalla Clinic free test list pdf as well.

If you are searching for a free blood test clinic near me in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar or any other district of Punjab just visit the nearest Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic. The compiled list of free blood test services along with the other pathological tests are provided in the below table.

S.NoMohalla Clinic Free Test ListPunjab
1AEC (Absolute Eosinophil Count) Test
2Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Test
3Bilirubin Test
4Bleeding / Clotting Time Test
5Blood Group and RhTest
6Absolute Eosinophil count
7Peripheral Blood Film 
8Total leucocyte Count
9Differential leucocyte Count
10Sputum For AFB
11Stool For Occult Blood
12Stool For Ova and Cyst
13Blood Sugar Test
14Blood Urea
15Serum Calcium Test
16Cholesterol Test
17CRP (C-Reactive Protein) Test (Including NewBorn) – Quantitative
18ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) Test
19S. Bilirubin Total
20S. Bilirubin  Direct and Indirect
21Serum Creatinine 
22S. Alkaline Phosphatase
23S.Albumin and AG Ratio
24HDL Cholesterol
25Hemoglobin (Hb) Test
26Total Lipid Profile
27S.Total Cholesterol
31Malaria (Malarial Parasite) Test – Rapid
32Platelet Count
33S. Total Protein Test
34Uric Acid
35SGOT Test
36SGPT Test
37Triglycerides Test
38TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Test – Including for NewBorn
39Urine Culture and Antimicrobial Sensitivity
40Urine Routine
41Urine for Microalbumin
42Urine for Creatinine and Albumin to creatinine ratio (ACR)
4324 hours urinary Protein
44Urine Microscopy 
45urine Test For pH, Specific gravity, Leucocyte esterase glucose, bilirubin, Ketone, protein, nitrite, urobilinogen
46VLDL Test
47MP Slide Method and Malaria rapid test
Mohalla Clinic Free Test List For Punjab
Test to Be Done With Rapid Method Locally Free At Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic In Punjab
S.NoTest to Be Done With Rapid Method Locally
1RPRVDRL Test For Syphilis (Test to Be Done With Rapid Method Locally)
2HIV Test ( Antibodies 1/2 and HIV 1/2)
3Hepatitis B Surface Antigen test
4HCV Antibody Test (Anti HCV)2
5Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) (Urine Test For Pregnancy)
List Of Free Test In Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic In Punjab

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