Are you confused to buy Popular Tablet cases in 2022?

Are you looking to protect your tablets from drops, heavy-handed kids, and other hazards? Invest in a rugged tablet case that can withstand extreme events. This article will help you make an informed choice on which rugged case is suitable for your tablet’s model and best for your particular needs.


The top rugged tablet case is the TIMECITY CASE Like other rugged tablet cases, the idea is to protect your tablet from drops and provide options that let you maximize the use of your tablet. The TIMECITY CASE meets all these needs and is worth every penny. It is made mainly of an anti-skid soft silicone and a hard plastic polycarbonate. This case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy tab As, SM-T290, T295, and T297 models. It uses 3 layer protection technology to safeguard your tablets from accidental drops, shocks, and dust. These layers include a soft silicone outer layer that is strengthened at the corners, a hard polycarbonate inner layer that secures the tab in the case, and a front frame with a screen protector that gives an extra scratch and smudge resistance to the screen. This case also has an adjustable shoulder and hand strap. With the shoulder strap, you can carry your tablet conveniently on a business trip or any outdoor activity. Additionally, the rotatable hand strap lets you hold your tablet firmly in all directions. This feature is especially good for kids as it means they’re far less likely to drop it yet can still sit however they want and move about without a problem. There is also a kickstand, and you can rotate it up to 360 degrees, allowing you to keep your tablet in 3 different positions so that you can type, read, and watch movies with ease. Lastly, it has a holder where you can conveniently put your stylus pen so that it will not get lost. Overall the robust design and handy features make this the best choice on the market today.

Pros :

  • Its shoulder strap is completely detachable.
  • Its hand strap is adjustable to fit all hand sizes.
  • Its ports and camera have precise cutouts.
  • It is very resistant to fall damage.

Cons :

  • This case will not protect your tablet from water.

The TIMECITY CASE is suitable for anyone looking for a long-lasting rugged tablet case that will safeguard their tablets from accidental drops, shocks, and dust.


The second product on this list is the HERIZE HYBRID. This rugged case from HERIZE is designed to offer your tablet all-around maximum protection from drops and knocks. It is made to fit the Samsung Galaxy tab A7, SM-T500, T505, or T507 tablets. As with other products of this type, it is made of durable soft silicone and has a high-quality polycarbonate clamshell design that significantly reduces and even eliminates damage from large drops. Moreover, the HERIZE HYBRID has lots of adjustable features that ensure convenient use of your tablet, even in the worst conditions. As a contractor visiting job sites or an outdoor enthusiast, the adjustable shoulder strap is handy as it lets you hang across your shoulder to free your hands completely. If you are a teacher, a waiter, a doctor, or a nurse, the soft rotating handle strap gives you a firm grip on your tablet to prevent it from dropping. Then in your office or at home, the 360-degree rotatable kickstand allows you to position your tablet at 3 different angles so that you can type, read or watch movies at ease. Another thing that makes this unit more durable is that the third layer features not only a shock-absorbing frame but also a built-in screen protector that safeguards the screen from scratches, smudges, and spills.

Pros :

  • Its hand strap is adjustable for all hand sizes.
  • It has precise cutouts for ports.
  • It has a stylus pen holder.

Cons :

  • It can be a little difficult to actually fit it to your tablet properly.

The HERIZE HYBRID is suitable for anyone looking for a heavy-duty tablet case with shockproof corners.


The third product on this list is the HXCASEAC. This hardy tablet case combines beauty and functionality to meet all your needs. It is made of high-quality soft silicone and hard polycarbonate material. It uses a 3 layer system like others on this list to deliver a complete protection system. Even better, if you buy this case, your tab will be nicely outfitted in a well-designed case that comes in a variety of different colors to suit your style. The outer layer is a soft shock-resistant silicone reinforced at the corners to protect the entire tablet from drops. Opening it up is an inner hard polycarbonate shell with anti-slip pads that keeps the tablet in place. Then there is also a front frame with an applicable screen protector to keep scratches and spills away from the screen. Additionally, it boasts of the same adjustable features found in its competitors. This includes an adjustable shoulder and hand strap and a 360-degree rotating swivel stand. All this makes carrying your tablet on a business trip or an outdoor operation a convenient experience. It also helps with entertaining your kids as it can be hung on the back of a car seat.

Pros :

  • It has a stylus pen holder.
  • The hand strap is adjustable to fit all hand sizes.
  • It has a screen protector.

Cons :

  • This case is not water-resistant.

The HXCASEAC is suitable for anyone looking for a well-designed rugged tablet case with a shoulder strap.


Up next in fourth place is the BRAECN RUGGED CASE. This unit combines quality and functionality in the production of this case. It is designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy tab S4, SM-T830, T835, and T837 models. Its sturdy and durable build is designed to take repeated drops without breaking a sweat. The BRAECN RUGGED CASE offers three layers of protection. The outer layer is soft silicone with innovative reinforced bumpers at the corners that protect the tablet if it drops. The inner polycarbonate plastic layer with non-slip linings is remarkably strong and secures the tablet in place. While the front frame protects the tab from dust. What’s more, this case has precise cutouts making it easy to access ports and other features alike without removing the tablet. This rugged case will not only protect your tab but also offers versatility and ease of use. It has a 360-degree rotating kickstand, an adjustable handgrip, and a shoulder strap. The kickstand allows it to be positioned in three angles to satisfy what you are doing with your tablet at the moment. The handgrip prevents accidental drops from your hand, and it is adjustable to fit your hand size. At the same time, the shoulder strap will keep it hung on your body to set your hands free for other activities. Lastly, the overall build quality of this case is excellent. It is made of premium materials that look good and are sure to last.

Pros :

  • Its build materials are nontoxic.
  • The ports cutouts has an anti-dust cover.
  • It is nicely designed.

Cons :

  • It lacks a stylus pen holder.

The BRAECN RUGGED CASE is suitable for anyone looking for an affordable and heavy-duty rugged tablet case.


The fifth product on this list is the HERIZE PROTECTIVE CASE. If your tablet follows you everywhere you go, you definitely need a case for it. One that is robust and equal to the task. Of all the brands on the market, the HERIZE PROTECTIVE CASE is one of the few that will not disappoint. Before you head on to buy the tablet, ensure that you check your tablet size and compatibility with the case. The HERIZE is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy tab A7 lite, the SM-T220, and the T225 models. Known for its ruggedness, this case is designed for the worst conditions as it protects your tab entirely from back to front. It does this using a 3 layer protection design. While the front frame has an anti-skidding screen protector that keeps scratches and smudges away from the screen. The outer layer is a soft silicone skin that protects against drops and shields the tab’s ports. The inner layer is an anti-slip hard polycarbonate plastic that holds the tab to the case. Even better, the HERIZE has many features that let you conveniently use your tab. These include a built-in kickstand and an adjustable hand and shoulder strap. The built-in kickstand rotates up to 360 degrees and allows your tablet to be positioned vertically, horizontally, and halfway in between. Therefore, you can read, watch movies, and play games in a more relaxed position. The hand strap gives you a firm grip on your tablet to prevent it from falling. It can also be adjusted to fit the size of your hand. Meanwhile its shoulder strap gives you a hands-free experience. If you are a teacher, a hiker, or an engineer on an outdoor operation, you can safely hang your tablet across your shoulder with the shoulder strap. The strap also lets it hang at your car’s backseat as a means of entertaining your passengers. Furthermore, it is made from high-grade thermoplastic carbonate and an anti-skid silicone which is great as these materials are durable and comfortable to touch.

Pros :

  • It is not heavy.
  • Its build materials are nontoxic.
  • It includes a stylus pen holder.

Cons :

  • It doesn’t have a waterproof seal.

The HERIZE PROTECTIVE CASE is suitable for anyone looking for a multifunctional rugged tablet case.

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