Does Swiggy Instamart Accept Sodexo know how to use it in 2022.

Hi! friend in this post today we will make it clear does Swiggy accept Sodexo? As the Instamart services were started by Swiggy in major cities and many people are searching does Swiggy Instamart accept Sodexo online as a mode of payment? In this post, we will also share the method for using the Sodexo meal card on Swiggy Instamart in 2022.

Does Swiggy Instamart accept Sodexo in 2022?

There is good news for those who are getting a Sodexo meal card as a gift or through their employee as a part of CTC can now use the Sodexo card to buy daily groceries items using the Sodexo meal card on Swiggy Instamart in 2022.

Can we use Sodexo card in Swiggy in 2022 Online?

Swiggy was not accepting the Sodexo meal cards earlier. To be honest with you all, as online players like Jiomart, and Reliance Smart Bazaar started accepting the Sodexo Card, thus to be at par with the competition Swiggy also started accepting the Sodexo card as a mode of payment in Swiggy. Moreover, this is also the way to bring more customers.

Which Items I can buy using Sodexo Meal Card on Swiggy Instamart?

Now Sodexo card is used on Swiggy Instamart to pay for the following categories of items on Swiggy. you should be well aware that Swiggy Instamart Accepts Sodexo for the below-mentioned categories.

  • Munchies
  • Beverages
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Other cooking essentials.
  • Snacks etc.
  • Kitchen staples for every day.

How to Use Sodexo Meal Pass at Swiggy Instamart?

If you are confused and want to how to pay using Sodexo Card on Swiggy, don’t worry here we will elaborate in simple steps on how to pay with Sodexo on Swiggy Instamart? To use Sodexo on Swiggy as a payment option just remember a few steps.

Steps to Add Sodexo in Swiggy

  1. Download the Swiggy app.
  2. Register yourself.
  3. Check the address where you want to get your items delivered.
  4. Pick the items which you want to purchase from the categories mentioned above from Swiggy Instamart.
  5. Now as discussed above Swiggy Instamart accept Sodexo, navigate to the payment page.
  6. Select ‘Sodexo’ as a mode of payment under ‘more payment options.
  7. Now make payment using Sodexo meal card details.

To pay using a Sodexo card on Swiggy is really simple. You can add Sodexo Card to Swiggy Instamart and enjoy shopping with good discounts and the best savings on Swiggy Instamart.


Q1. Is the Sodexo card accepted in Swiggy Instamart in 2022?

Answer: Yes! now you can pay using the Sodexo Meal card in Swiffy Instamart in 2022. Just read the items which you can buy are mentioned in the post above.

Hope you are now aware that Swiggy Instamart Accepts Sodexo! And you know how to use it in 2022.

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