Best 5 Ultimate Realistic Simulator Games in 2021 (Gamer’s Guide)

Hello Simulator fans welcome back to our blog Digital Technology & Information. In this article write about best realistic Simulator games you can play on your smartphone and Remember, they are not ranked in any particular order. In this list, some of the best car, trains, Airplanes with the best Realistic Simulation and Graphics. The latest updates regarding simulator games be sure subscribe our blog DTAI. So let’s get started with the best realistic Simulator games. 

1. Real Racing

Coming up first on the list is Real Racing. Next Real Racing Next is a mobile car racing game created by EA. Well, real racing next is set to be a sequel to Real Racing 3, With new features like graphical improvements, new cars, beautiful tracks,mew events and many more. Drive more than 40 beautifully portrayed sportscars, covering famous manufacturers around the globe. Theres a huge selection of the world’s top tracks where you can try out your newly unlocked cars. There are more events than ever before, such as competition cups, endurance races, sprint races and so on. The vehicle upgrade system in the Real Racing 4 Android is also more detailed. Not only does the concept of car damage become more realistic, but also provides detailed component upgrades that make players feel as if they are maintaining their real car. The graphics of the game as you can see is console quality and it’s fully playable offline the only issue right now is that, the game is currently only available for alpha testing in Australia and Canada but don’t worry witha vpn, you’d be able to bypass the restriction in the app store. 

2. Boat Master

Moving on to the next Simulator we have Boat Master. Learn to park and navigate boats in this realistic simulator. Boat Master is a boat parking simulation game where players have to park different boats in varying conditions. It is designed to replicate the controls and conditions of berthing a real boat in the docks as closely as possible. The game features power boats and jet skis to berth, over 15+ game competitive game levels each with their own difficulty, (the levels are time based by the way), realistic weather conditions, Realistic water physics with drag based on speed and realistic boat handling. The graphics of this game is super realistic, with modern post-processing effects like Bloom, Ambient Occlusion and Filmic Colour Grading. Be sure to play this Simulator on a powerful device for a better graphical experience. 

3. Jumbo Jet Flight simulator

Moving on to the next Simulator we have Jumbo Jet Flight simulator. Jumbo Jet Flight Simulator is a flight sim game consisting of different jumbo jets that are popularly used in commercial aviation. so Sit in the Cockpits of these Jets. Take off, Land and Handle Emergencies. The game features Disaster Missions which are based on real-life air crashes where a major malfunction cripples the aircraft. Your main aim is to pilot the airplane back to a safe landing or face impossible odds and fight till the bitter end. The game features 6 well detailed jumbo jets, Day/Night cycles, Dynamic Weather conditions, Free fly mode, and a Cockpit view. The game also offers a comprehensive list of control systems, instruments and warning systems. The game’s graphics are really good.. aircraft control and mechanics are super realistic as, Jumbo Jet Flight is a go ahead if you’re a fan of flight simulators. 

4. Lada Driving Simulator

Moving on to the next Simulator on the list we have Lada Driving Simulator. Experience what’s like driving the Russian lada car in lada driving Simulator developed by Snipro Games. In this Simulator game, you’d be driving the Russian Classic in a small off-road map. There are no tasks or missions to do in the game.. you just spawn in a random location on end of the map and then you can start exploring. You can change the camera of the game. Don’t like the third person cam, you can switchover to the cockpit view. The game features decent 3d graphics, a realistic design of the car, realistic vehicle sounds, and Realistic game physics which will surely give you the real driving experience.

5. India Train Simulator

Our last Simulator on the list is India Train Simulator. India Train Simulator is a high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation game covering major destinations in India. Featuring richly detailed environment, an intuitive, easy to use, made for mobile interface, the game lets users drive some of the most famous trains in the india. Spanning several train stations and a wide number of cities, the game is one of a kind mobile game. The game features a story mode that takes on the role of rookie Assistant Loco Pilot in the first season as he starts his career with Indian Railways. This train Simulator will give you a chance to live the life of a loco pilot. The game also features 20+ challenging levels,over 32+ train stations, a huge selection of locomotives, Over 25 camera angles, a photo mode, Richly-detailed driver cabins for every locomotive, Intelligent AI trains and many more. If your a fan of train Simulator, i personally recommend this game for you to play and trust me, it will become your next favorite. So there we have it gamers, another set of 5 new Simulator games for you to enjoy.

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